Follow me on my journey with wine…


After some thinking, I’ve decided to associate my new found love for wine with the growth and development of the person I am becoming. Wine was not always my favorite, in fact before babies, I didn’t even like it. But fast forward two kids later, and a more optimistic outlook on life, I think it’s safe to say it grew on me a little, actually a lot!

I think I threw my friends and followers off a little bit because suddenly I’m posting about wine so much. I never found so much value and good times in premium wines. There’s something so nice about drinking something of better quality. I mean you want great quality of anything right? Great food is always best when the quality is higher, and same thing with wine, you get the concept right?

I used to purchase the $9.99 bottle from Safeway or Wal-mart of the Apothic Red which I didn’t really care what it tasted like, I just liked the price. And also because I had no idea what the good stuff tasted like. After a while of drinking the same stuff over and over, I wanted to venture out a little bit, and then found I became genuinely interested in all the in’s and out’s of wine. How it’s made, where it comes from, the weather of the place the vines grow in, how old the vines are, what barrels the grapes are stored in, which wine pairs best with what food and so on. There is just so much to learn and it’s all so fascinating to me!

And trust me, I am no expert about wine, but what I can tell you, is that I am learning more and plan on continuing to expand my knowledge on this subject. I’ve started reading and studying about different kinds of wines, white specifically. And just recently, I became a member and Rep of an online wine club, and I’m not exactly sure why, but before this club, I was so adamant about only drinking red. Not sure how I developed this love for red wines so much. Maybe because a red blend was the first glass I’ve ever tried or that it was because too much of any sweet wine gave me a tummy ache.. Either way, the point I’m trying to make here is my liking for white wine is now higher on the list after discovering this wine club. My choice on picking red or white to drink is becoming a harder decision.

After finding this online club, my palate has been taken to a whole different level (much higher level), and I’ve started tasting new wines from all around the world. I have not found a tasty white wine until now, and I’m not sure if the Frenchman, Aussies, or Spaniards have better climate, vineyards, or wine-making skills in general, but let me tell you… the wines I’ve tasted from other countries are so good! One more time, THEY ARE SO GOOD!

And the cool thing about all of this is, it is now my pleasure to be able take you all on this wine adventure with me.

Throughout my blog you will see more posts of my favorite wines, the descriptions of smell and taste, as well as a little background of it. *Disclosure I will only post the ones I like. If I happened to not like a wine, which hasn’t happened yet, the wine club will send me a new bottle of a different kind in replacement, and the best part is, I don’t have to send the other wine back!! So no bad reviews here.

With my reviews, if you see a wine that you can’t take your eye off of because it just seems so mouthwatering and tasty, let me know, and I can give you more information on the wine club.

If you’re becoming an enthusiast like me, or are already one, there is an opportunity to make a little extra income with wine on the side. As a brand partner, I look at this as doing a little something for fun that doesn’t interfere with what I have going on in life already. So if that is something you are open to as well, please let me know. A missed opportunity is only a regret later on.

Lastly, THANK YOU for reading! Let’s get connected, reach out to me via email, I love good conversation and would love to chat even more with you over a glass of wine. Don’t forget to follow this blog to get updated on further blog posts and my other social media platforms.  

P.S sharing is caring.

Cheers! XOXO 

My top tips for hot mess moms, we too can still crush goals!

I am the first to admit, that I DO NOT got it all together. My kids are breathing though, they’re healthy, and 99% of the time my three year old is well behaved, and my 8 month old, well that’s a different story, he’s currently teething.

It’s so hard to check things off my to-do list period. But I wanted to put out there my top tips on how to be a #goalcrusher while being a hot mess mom. Especially for stay-at-home moms.

#1 Focus on ONE goal a week. Attack one goal that is high on your priority list, but maybe trying to accomplish ten things in one day, or in a week will not be realistic for you. Feeding the kids, preparing meals, doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and everything else under the sun. Do a little by little in between everything else and focus on one thing at a time. I find that I can accomplish four bigger goals a month if I attack one a week. By these goals I mean kind of larger goals, not the typical everyday chores that I listed above.

#2 Look ahead! To avoid extra little things on your plate, prepare yours  elf the night before. I pick out my kids clothes the night before, pack my fiance’s lunches, and make sure the diaper bag is packed in case I need to unexpectedly get out of the house in a rush. This is easier said then done. (Not gunna lie, the diaper bag part only happens like 50% of the time). But it makes my life 110 times easier when I’m an over-achiever like that.

#3 Develop good health habits. I am by no means and all organic eater, never eat mcdonalds, no gluten, non-gmo, no sugar type eater. BUT. I believe that feeding your body helps with a more clear mind-set. I was not eating a single thing until almost 2:00pm everyday, and found that I was so sluggish and had zero energy to do anything. I truly saw the impact not eating had on my daily life. Little tiny snacks will help improve your energy, and give you a clearer mindset to accomplish your goals.

#4 Designate exact times to get certain tasks done. Simple right? Everyday, when my littles fall asleep at night, it’s homework time. I will sit down with a glass of wine and can actually focus, it’s quiet and there is no interruptions. Designate times!

#5 Speak positivity into your life. As lame or cliche as it may seem. Do it. I tend to get way more done saying, “I can do this!” “Let’s go Kate!” And give myself pep talks, rather than saying, “Omg, my house is such a mess, I will never get that blog post written, or I’ll never get my house spotless.”  Negative mindsets = negative outcomes, positive mindsets + positive outcomes.

#6 IF all else fails, and you feel like you cant get it together… Do something that makes YOU happy. Give yourself some credit. You are human, you are not perfect, and life will never be fair. If you can’t get it together improve your mood. For me, that something is putting makeup on. For whatever reason, even if I’m such a mess and thing’s aren’t going my way, or getting done, I always feel better when I throw on some makeup and change my clothes. It’s like getting a haircut. New me. And then try again.

Hope this helps, these are a few of the things that help me slay my goals, and wine of course 😉

Thanks for reading.



Are you ignoring signs in your life with significant meaning??

The past few days something has been weighing heavily on my heart and mind.

Do you ever see the same number pop up in your life time and time again? No? Well I do. From as young as I can remember my favorite number has always been 2. I played on an all  boys t-ball team as a little girl and what was my number on my jersey? 2. Then later on joined an all girls softball team with the city in my teen years, and again the back of my jersey had the number two on it.

As I got older, I continued to say that was my favorite number, and when I graduated high school my life just felt like it sped up to 100 mph! Everything started happening so quickly, so I didn’t pay much attention to the number until my daughter was born.

Now here’s where things start to get interesting……

January 22, 2015 my sweet baby girl Elena was born. Right after her arrival a few things were brought to my attention.

  • Elena was born on the 22nd, the same day my great grandma (tutu) passed away. Same day different year.
  • My great grandma’s name was Eleanor which is short for Elena. (I did not even realize that until one of my cousins told me, after she was born).

Fast forward to this past year, October 2nd, 2017 my son was born. There’s the number 2 again! Holy moly this is WEIRD! (My due date was on my grandma’s birthday that passed away two years prior on the fifth, but somehow the universe wanted me to birth my babies on days that have the number 2 in them).

So coincidence?? I don’t think so. I definitely felt like there were far too many scenarios throughout my life that this number had some significant meaning, and I needed to know what it was So…. I looked it up. Call me silly, but I swear this has to mean something.  Here is what I found:

“From ancient to modern times the sacred science of numerology has maintained its relevance. Numbers show us growth opportunities, life lessons and guidance within each experience.”

The angels do their best to get our attention and to communicate with us. In this way they help us to heal our own lives. However, we often discount the signs that they give us, writing them off as mere coincidences or our imagination.
— Author and therapist Doreen Virtue, from her book “Healing with the Angels.”

Head over to to read where I got the above quotes and information from. (I did not just make that up).

The past couple of weeks I’ve been training my mind to stop, and think. To be aware of what these signs mean and how I can align my life with what the higher spirits are trying to tell me. I repeat, call me silly if you want, but I swear these numbers I’m seeing are ACTUALLY manifesting growth in my life, and I had to share with you so that you can find growth in your life as well.

In the midst of all this research, I decided to make a silly post on my Instagram story about this whole subject. I summed up the points of the #2 popping up in my life in a few short bullet points, added it to my story then went about my day. (All while vigorously working on one million other things) because let’s face it, I’m a hot mess and I can’t focus on one particular thing for more than 5 minutes before I get side tracked on to the next.

Shortly after all of this I go to post this super cute picture of my son. Click here to follow my IG and view his stinkin cute face and if you think he looks just absolutely adorable in that onesie, please double tap. ❤

As I was saying I have a million and one things on my plate or on my mind I should say, and if you think what I’m about to tell you was “planned” or setup, then fine… But I promise you it would have taken me too long to arrange something so perfect, and aint nobody got time for that. Lol So… That picture I posted… Guess what # post that was on Instagram????? MY 222 post!!!


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Crazy right? Lol I couldn’t believe it either. So what did I do? I stopped, and thought. Really really hard. I said okay, I need to look this up, like NOW.

That is when I gained some insight at

Two days ago when I posted the two hundred and twenty-second picture on my Instagram, here is what I believe my angels were trying to tell me:

“Fasten your seatbelt Katelyn because you are about to go on a crazy ride. A roller coaster ride. With ups and downs, but ultimately the downs you will need to experience to keep moving forward. You are doing a great job juggling everything on your plate, and I see all things you want and work for. (I have been working on planning a bloggers meet and greet, a larger event to connect with other bloggers in my area, build relationships, and diligently work on my wine hustle ALL WHILE ATTENDING SCHOOL FULL TIME…) Find balance between keeping focus on school, taking care of your littles, keeping your house clean, working your side hustle, blogging and expanding your network, and the growth you have been waiting to see will start manifesting itself, little by little, one day at a time. Just. Have. Patience”.

And ya’ll. Since two days ago when I had this whatever you want to call it… Convo with my angels, vision, dream, ridiculous made up stories, WHATEVER you want to call it, I’ve ALREADY started seeing the growth. It’s crazy, and I never knew my favorite number had such a significant part of my life. I’m beyond happy with the way things are falling into place, and I hope this helps you, find insight on some repeating numbers or signs that won’t stop popping up in your life and that you start to acknowledge them to see growth and happiness in your life too.

“Once we acknowledge and understand the meanings of the signs and accept that they are much more than just “coincidences,” we will experience a clear communication with our angels.”

If you found value in this post, found it interesting, or feel like someone else needs ot hear this, please like, comment subscribe or share with your friends and family. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have an amazing day!



I’m re-launching ya’ll! 🙌🏻

A while back I started this blog, and it was totally my thing! I loved it. I wrote very frequently, not at a specific time though. Just when I made the time.

Whenever I write, I feel like I’m in my happy place. It’s just me my thoughts and I, going straight from my head to paper. Or in this case, my head to the screen. And really it’s so therapeutic for me.

Whether or not this becomes a successful outlet or platform for me…(because well let’s just be real, there’s thousands and thousands of bloggers out there) I don’t really care. I’m going to be unapologetically me. Three years ago when I blogged, I actually created new friendships whom I’m still friends with today. So If just one more friendship is what I get out of blogging, and sharing my thoughts. Then it’s all worth it to me. DOIN IT.

Speaking of the just “doing it”… attitude, four, five years ago if you would have asked me if I would be where I am today, I would have told you, you were crazy!

Here I am 5 years after graduating high school, finally started college last semester (better late then never) and had not just one sweet baby, but two I’m just doing it. Being a young mom, full time student, and a stay at home mom boss or mom mess they both suit me. Is sometimes rough…

And.. the entrepreneur lifestyle? Making money at home. That is a whole different story, but so fun and rewarding. If it wasn’t for the just go for it, and just do it attitude, then I probably wouldn’t be chasing any of my dreams.

And how important is it to chase your dreams? So important! I don’t care how close in reach, or how far in reach your goals are, it’s the effort that counts and you won’t get anywhere without trying! One of my favorite quotes says, “Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams then you are to your comfort zone”. Just because it doesn’t feel comfortable, doesn’t mean it won’t provide you growth. We’ll get into this more later.

Okay back on topic here….

Within these last four or five years I have dramatically changed into a woman that I can say I’m proud of. I genuinely can stand up and say I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far, but I am not stopping yet. I’m excited for what’s to come.

*SIDENOTE* Sometimes, (often times) I don’t credit myself enough for the person I’ve become, because I’m always on a hunt to better myself even more! Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, probably good, but I just need to stop and give myself a little pat on the back and say, “I’ve made it this far, keep going.”

I believe that every successful person does the uncomfortable to eventually someday be comfortable. We gotta work for success not just have it handed to us right?

So I’m going to leave you with this today… Throughout this re-launch of my blog, I am going to do my best to help you grow as I grow myself, and we can grow together. I am going to discuss my failures and talk about my victories. I will express my thoughts and opinions on motherhood and parenting, and share my rants and raves. I’m going to talk about my favorite hobbies, favorite groups and clubs. Share tips and tricks on things I think are valuable. And I strongly value friendships and a deep convo. any day! If at any time you want to talk, please reach out, I am going to be as authentic and genuine with you all as possible. 💕 Thanks for reading!



Pity Party Pt. 2

50093a4146a49fa0a037d8a783a7c173.jpgIf you read FYI… Not that you really care. which was my last post, you know I’m going through a hard time. A little funk. Not because of a death, not because I’m sick in body, not because I’ve been feeling a lack in the friendship area lately… But just because life is so difficult and “They say “follow your heart” but if your heart is in a million pieces which piece do you follow?” So I’m sorry for being so inactive. I’m sorry for not posting much, and I’m sorry for those that are also going through a heard time… I wish I can be reading about you and helping you instead of crying about what’s wrong with me, but right now I’m at a tough spot in my life, and I don’t know which step to take next. Life’s hard, but I’m trying to figure it out… Now that I’m kind of in the writing mood and I’ve started my Pity party Pt.2….. (I think that’s what I’m going to change the title of this to….)


FYI… Not that you really care.

I’m not a very happy camper today. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I think that is contributing to my little funk. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I have so much anger built up, or maybe it’s just almost my T.O.M. (Women please tell me you know what that means).

I wonder if this is what anxiety feels like? I feel so anxious, mad and a little upset. Feel like I just want to cry and feel like everyone else around me has it way easier and “made” then I do (which isn’t the necessary truth).

Please. Please tell me how you cope with feelings like this when they start getting really bad and you can’t focus? You may think I’m being an exaggerator, or a drama queen, but please. Don’t pass judgment, you would understand if I were able to pass along my feelings and let you experience how I feel right now.

Overly tired? It’s a possibility from this Memorial weekend. The thought just ran through my mind, but maybe I need some alone time? No friends, no Fiance, no baby, no family, just me myself and I. Just a thought, I bet it wouldn’t even help much…

I’m really upset that this month was supposed to be a great opportunity to better myself in the #Revofkindness challenge and as much as I was so excited, I only made it past Week 2. I think? How sad. Maybe that’s why I feel so damn negative, because all I can focus on is the freaking negativity!!

I actually intended on writing something about noticing kindness around me…. I noticed my co-workers coffee mug with a quote about kindness, however I was never able to complete that. There I go failing again……. Here’s the pic if your curious:



“Throw kindness around like confetti”


How do you focus on the positive when there’s so much negative around you?


Thanks for joining my pity party.



One lovely blog :)


Thank you to Kate for nominating me for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Checkout her site by clicking on her name above. You’ll find “all-around” kinds of stuff. I say all around because she has a wide variety of topics on her blog from what I can see, and I like that. I NEVER get bored! 🙂 She has stories, she has kids (kids alone always brings a ton of fun and stories), opinions, recipes, and more!

7 Facts about me:

  1. I’m Puerto Rican, Hawaiian, and White.
  2. I was born with a blue buttocks, it’s called a Mongolian Spot. You can read more about it if you wish.
  3. I used to do Polynesian dancing, and I danced Tahitian and Hula.
  4. Siberian Huskies are my absolute favorite dog, but they are ton’s of work and maintenance!
  5. My favorite number is 2, my daughter was born on the 22nd, her name is Elena, my great grandma’s name is Eleanor, and she went by “Tutu” when pronounced sounds like “Two-Two”, and she passed on the 22nd. Ironic? I think it had to of been predestined!
  6. My favorite color is PINK!
  7. Mine and Elena’s middle name is Rose.

I nominate:untitled1.png


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